Friday, April 11, 2008

Geek Endorsment (Cool Internet tools)

Just thought that I would share a host of kewl tools that have either been suggested to me and I now use, or I have stumbled upon.

  1. Picasa (Google tool to manage/edit/upload pictures and video)
  2. Delicious (Upload/use your web links to a managed account...also integrates into Flock browser)
  3. Scribd (Upload documents that can be embed into web pages without using Adobe)
  4. Flickr and Photobucket (same as Picasa in that they allow you to house video and photos online to be used in websites...but no tool needed to install on your PC)
  5. FeedBurner (too geeky to describe all that it can do but also sends out emails when you update your blog)
  6. Lastfm (online configurable radio player...I have set one up to only play Christian music...can tell it to just play one artist also)
I have more but will save them for later. I am done for now on hijacking the blogsite. More pictures, updates, and comical stories soon to return.

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