Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Geek endorsment

Family and Friends,

I do not normally endorse/push products but when I am convinced, it is worth sharing. I read about a competitor to IE and Firefox called Flock. It is built on the Firefox opensource but with a ton of bells and whistles built in for the "social" parts of the web (webmail, blogging, pictures, video etc...). Well after yet another Firefox hang today, I gave in and downloaded it at work.


Check it out, especially for you bloggers. Oh one other thing, I am actually posting from it now. It has a blog post feature that will allow you to author it on your computer and then upload it to your sight. If you have multiple blogs, don't ask me why I do, you can select which one it goes to.


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Blogged with the Flock Browser


The Nassars said...

you know I will have to have Fred read this blog since it made no sense to me whatsoever....but it sounds good!

Jim Bird said...

I'll let you play with it for 30 days. If it works, I'm in!