Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Karate Mom

Yes, it is true...I finally bit the bullet and started classes this week. I was going to wait until the fall once Jael started school, but I have been asked and nudged and prodded too many times to put it off any longer. I showed up Monday morning bright and early already sweating due to my Y workout. I did pretty good on the stretching and then came what I have been dreading for a year now...the push-ups and sit-ups/crunches. Well, I persevered all that only to here "OK, let's work combo number 6." I have been told that is one of the hardest, longest and most complicated combos. I was soooooo lost in the 12-15 step combo that it was just funny. All I could think was "when will we learn number 1? I need to work up to 6 not start out at 6!!" Well, we learned combo 1 next and that was that.

I woke up yesterday with my arms killing me from the push-up workout and then this morning my abs joined the party.

Today, I did a bit better with combo number six; the last two steps I still can't get, but I'm sticking with it. I obviously won't promote belts this time (testing is in two weeks and I need 16 classes to test), so I have plenty of time to adjust and learn these combo moves. At the end of class I got my white belt and my fist tip.

The good news is I officially don't have to go back to class until next Monday morning, though I may go Saturday...we'll have to see how I recuperate!!


Council Family said...

You did awesome baby!! I am very proud of you....accept your constant pleading with Mr. Butturini to "practice" knees to the groin with your partner.

aka "Husband"
aka "partner"

The Nassars said...

Go Anna!!!!