Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our new toy ...and a rabbit trail

This monstrosity was delivered to our address Friday morning and the kiddos absolutely love it!! This morning my dad and loving hubby shoveled out bag after bag of mulch, making sure it was extra cushy where it needed to be. As you can see, there is still some bags to throw. However, we first need to finish removing the pea rock from under the swing. We are probably going to reuse it as ground cover for a bed or two...not my bed of course; I am talking about a flower bed!! Anyone who feels like sweating off some pounds is free to help James remove and repurpose the rocks and even sweat off more weight by throwing mulch!! Trust me, he can use all the help he can get cause the good Lord knows I sweat enough at the indoor, air conditioned YMCA sitting on a bike and going nowhere fast while I read my current Christian fiction novel!!!

As a rabbit trail, I must say I have been an avid Karen Kingsbury fan, but waiting for the next book in in her Sunrise series to be released has been absolute torture on me. Well, in the meantime, I have discovered a new writer, Donita K. Paul. She has a now 5 book series (it was four when I started) that is centered around a dragon keeper named Kale. The first book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles is DragonSpell. They are actually found in the youth fantasy section of your local Christian bookstore, but they are very well written and hold my attention wonderfully.

Side note: Ebeling boys, the fifth book is the conclusion of the series and is entitled DragonLight. If you are patient enough to wait, I will mail it to you to read when I am done. It may take a month or so since I am still plowing through book 3.


Jason Ebeling said...

They'll wait. I'll tell them they have to.

Looks like fun in the backyard now.

Donita K. Paul said...

Oh, I would love to have such a fort/play place for my grandsons. Thank you for the endorsement of my Dragon Keeper Chronicles. I'm working on a new book now but would much rather be playing with the kids.

The Nassars said...

WOW!!! that is every kid's dream! Many happy days! :)
Oh, you know that I would LOVE to help James, but we are a little too far....

Dean & Mary said...

Love it. I'm sure the kids will have many happy hours playing out back. Great addition to the family digs. : )
Tell Maddie hi for me.

Devin, Kelley, Austin, Connor, Emma, Molly, Zeuss said...

Just finished Karen Kingsbury's "Someday". Have to wait until September or later for the final book on the Baxter family. I did check out her website - no more Baxter books. She won't part with them entirely, though. Likely Dayne, Katy, Ashley, and John will give updates through her website. Cute. They are her fictional family, too, as they have been ours.

She DOES have THREE books coming out. Aside from "Sunset" in September, there is a book due in November and one in January. Miss Kingsbury's been busy!

Kristen Heitzmann is another author I've enjoyed.

Happy reading and cycling!

The Nassars said...

2 things: James said you would probably blog about your karate class and I've been waiting for it!
I am going to do a blog about books I have been reading too so check it out! (ha no pun intended!)