Monday, June 9, 2008

Reverse Order and more

Since a vast majority of our pictures are stored temporarily on James' laptop, you will get our Friday vacation pictures first.

Friday we did a family day, so our family chose to go to Forbidden Caverns. We really would have loved to have gone on another waterfall hike, but it was way too hot and nasty for us. So we opted for an underground hike instead, which was just as fun and a whole lot cooler.

Here is one of the many pictures I took. There were many cool rock formations that I captured on film, but I figured I show off the men in my life as well so this was the best one.

We had a picnic lunch right after our hour tour and then headed back to the cabin after making a couple of pit stops along the way.

We joined up with the rest of our gang and headed to the pool for a late afternoon swim. Then, after a horrible rainstorm, the guys went out on a male bonding adventure (go cart racing, I think) and us ladies enjoyed an evening of chatting, jewelry making, and Farkel. (That just sounds wrong, but it is the name of a dice game which I kicked some severe fannie at!!!)

Saturday night Landon woke up at 3:30 yaking and coughing and crying and screaming. After a nice bath and some daddy time, he went back to sleep and slept through the night.

We cleaned up the cabin, said our teary good-byes, and made our last winding trip down, and out of, the mountain. Then just as we pass the Gentzler's, Lando pukes again!! So, we pull off into the Exxon and go clean him up.

He only got sick once more that evening so we all made it to church Sunday morning to see the big Concord Quest "The Secret of the Ancient Armor" kickoff. (That's their VBS...yes our baptist factory writes it's own curriculum!) Now we are off to their AWANA church's VBS...can we do two in one week--keep up with us and we'll keep you posted!


Kbear and Jman said...

Sounds like a good time to me. (minus the puke) Enjoy VBS! Life doesn't get any better than that. :)

The Nassars said...

Fred took me to one of the caverns in W.VA once. I almost didn't make it. I felt so clausterphobic!

So, when is James going to jump in and help out with VBS? Just because he doesn't have me & Sharran to dress him up doesn't mean he should be a slacker! :)