Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too tired

I am way too tired to do it now, but check us out tomorrow for loads and loads of pictures and stories of my awesome vacation with some awesome people!! Their parents are pretty cool too!!

Let me just tell you this though, poor Lando is sick as a dog...pucking and nasty, stinky, unknown colored pooping. I think James will stay home with Landon tomorrow while I take the girls to church.


Dean & Mary said...

Wasn't it nice of the Ebelings to share their nasty flu with Landon? So sorry he's ill. Glad you had a great trip. Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics.
Miss you guys!

Council Family said...

Considering all the other things that they shared, it was worth it.


Jason Ebeling said...

Sorry Landon was so sick - hope your ride home wasn't as eventful as I might be thinking. It was great hooking up with you guys, but next time, you drive 8 or more hours like the rest of us.

Council Family said...

If I remember right, we did NOT pick that location...was it you or the Dawson's? But, yes, we were blessed with a short drive. And I am very thankful for that, too.