Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Amy and Little Landon

We got a semi-surprise visit from Sarah and Amy this past week. Mom had driven to Atlanta to help Sarah lay some tile in their downstairs bathroom before stopping by our house in Knoxville and then heading west to Jonesborro to see her family. I guess Sarah figures that now that she's joined the "Stay at Home Mom's Club" she can take off and do impromptu road trips. Fast forward a bit and I get a houseful of family guests to enjoy for a few days...I love company, especially when they bring cute children that entertain my Lando!! (J and M, too, but especially Landon since they are one month to the day apart.)

We had a wonderful time visiting not to mention a very memorable game of Rummy!! With all the jokes, snide comments, and free talking, you'd be extremely surprised that it was a "dry" night!!

I am hoping to see pictures on Sar's blog in the next few days of this trip and her trip to Arkansas. (hint, hint, hint)

Come back whenever you want Sar...just don't forget Baby Amy!!!

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