Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Cove

Saturday we took Nan to Sam's Club for the first time and then to "The Cove". I think Sam's Club was quite the new thing for Nan...but she seemed to like it and enjoy herself. She loves to help out with the kids, especially caring for Landon and Jael, since they are the younger ones. She enjoys talking and sharing things with Mady.

Here we are for a group picture...I think the duck off to the right was more captivating though.

Landon likes to throw the sand up into the air and have it land all in his hair

Nan and Madyson talking and playing in the sand

James and I were shocked that J went THAT FAR into the water...she never goes that deep
It was a great and exciting day. Tune in tomorrow (I guess technically it IS tomorrow) for another post on our Boomsday fireworks show.

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The Nassars said...

so, what does she thinks about James? Is she ready to swim back home or has he been restraining himself? :)