Monday, September 1, 2008


Yeah for us Knoxvillians; we get the world's biggest fireworks party for Labor Day. An estimated 400,000 people (most of them drinking) gather in an extremely small area (some as early as 8am! crazies!) and wait and wait and wait until about 9:30pm for a spectacular fireworks show that lasts for about 20 minutes. The waiting is on a hard concrete lakefront area known to locals as "Volunteer Landing"; it is in the heat of the day AND the heat of the year; you are jam packed like sardines in a can; you must park about a mile away and drag walking children that far; you must entertain said children for the length of time it takes from your arrival until the start of the fireworks; you must carry tired children back UP the hill you walked down earlier no matter how irritated, sweaty, and exhausted you may be because ANYTHING is better than having them whine!! Sound like a fun evening!?! Oh, can't forget the stand still traffic that turns a 20 minute drive home into an hour and thirty minutes ESPECIALLY if you miss your turn to I-40 west and have to then fight stoplights and traffic (and not knowing exactly where you are going) a lot more than you would have if you hadn't missed your turn...or if you knew back roads! And to think, I will most likely end up doing it again next year!

Here are the five children the four adults brought

Only in TN do they show an all orange 30 second segment

We were so close that the girls covered themselves to prevent the ash from falling on them

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The Nassars said...

Maddy looks exhausted!!!