Monday, August 18, 2008


That is the technical term for those unsightly blemishes that were growing under my eyes. Well, they are now sitting in two separate jars at the ophthalmologists office waiting to be sent to Baptist Hospital. The doctor is 99% sure they are cholesterol deposits that happened as a side effect from my pregnancies. But, just in case, he is still going to send them to the lab and have them tested. I go back to the doctor next Monday to have the stitches removed. He says there should be minimal to no scarring as long as I keep them greasy with the ointment he gave me. He also said if there is any effects from the incisions, he can zap them off there in the office with his laser. Well, the numbing agent is starting to wear off so I think I am going to go pop a pain pill. If you really want to see the nastiness of it all, I will have James snap a picture when he comes home for lunch.

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