Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Party Central

Last night the girls and I went to a spa themed sleepover party complete with pizza and a cookie cake. We did hair and nails and had our own dry ice smoke machine for the talent show. Mady stayed the night but I left with Jael somewhere around 8:30pm.

Then, this afternoon, Jael was invited to a camp themed party for one of her many boy friends. The children painted rocks as a craft,

slide down a huge, blow-up bouncy slide for fun,
and even had a playground swing for Landon to play with

All the kids had a great time...even the big kids!!


The Nassars said...

I can hear Fred say: what happened to parties at home with cake and ice cream?
For the record, I like theme parties!

Council Family said...

Val, let Fred know this WAS at their home and they DID have cake and ice cream!!