Saturday, September 6, 2008

Boys night out

While the girls went to a birthday party, Landon and I went out for a boys night out. Here were the highlights:

  1. The Cove to feed the ducks....and Landon
  2. The Pet Safe dog park for a tongue bath
  3. Bojangles for chicken and biscuits
  4. Met up with Foster, his dad, and grandparents to look at their new home
  5. Dairy Queen for a diaper explosion
  6. Bed @ 9pm

I love taking the girls out for date nights....but now I also have boys night out with Landon. Looking forward to the next one....without the 2 diaper explosions. Sorry Dairy Queen staff.

Happy Daddy.


The Nassars said...

#3!!!! I love bojangles!! and your video had no sound, is that ok?
You guys have a great area for activities to do!
Can you find Fred a job???

The Nassars said...

James, I wanted to let you know that our "little Andy" will be helping out at Children's church starting tomorrow. I am so excited about the changes that have been going on the past couple of months! When we went to mission trip, he connected with some youth, which in turn prompted him to go camp... those friendships have got him going to Sunday night services (most of the time). I wouldn't say he is growing spiritually by leaps and bounds, but at least he is now in the environment that will encourage that. yeah!!