Saturday, September 27, 2008

Forgotten Home Depot Craft

Forgot we took Landon and Jael to Home Depot earlier this was a great experience!!! This was a first for Landon. He wasn't quite sure what to do with a hammer and screwdriver.

Isn't he a cutie in his little orange apron. He made some football uprights...I know I should know the technical "sportie" term for them but it escapes me now.

Jael walked in and demanded a birdhouse. The teenager took pity on her and went to look and see if they had any extra ones from previous months. The second he pulled out one for J, I swear four or five little girls came up and asked for one too. What a trend setter!!

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The Nassars said...

I remember going to a Home Depot class with you! Such fun!
And I bet the Home Depot teenager appreciated all the kids asking for birdhouses. lol