Sunday, September 21, 2008

Karate Party

One of the little girls Madyson takes karate with had a birthday party on Saturday. Unfortunately, Madyson was already committed to going away with her T n T AWANA group to a "Girls of Grace" overnight trip. So it was just Jael and Landon and me and Daddy.

Jael had a blast with the noodle fights; since she was younger, she got two swords!
Landon practiced punching the kids punching bag, complete with headgear and sound effects
(I'm not sure which toddler looks cuter in headgear...Ella or Landon? What do you think Laci!?!)

I have to try and get a good video clip of Landon's is hysterical to see him throw jabs and crosses AND hear his "tsk, tsk, tsk, kia" sound bites. I have a few attempts at it, but I want to wait for the right one and get it perfect. I think it'll be worth the wait!!


Laci Strickland said...

Well ya know I'm a little partial!! Although I must say it's a close match!! Is Mady at the Point of Grace "Girls of Grace" conference? I have been twice and just loved it! It's such a great ministry for young girls!

The Nassars said...

I cannot believe that Madyson is old enough to go to a 'conference'!!! where is the time going??!!

The Nassars said...

Sure! Just let me know when you are coming and what days... I will get it all ready for you!