Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elba, AL

I know I promised no more posting today, but I ended up with some extra time on my hands. So, you get four posts and five stories all at get your coffee, sit back and enjoy the pictures and stories!!

Jael, Landon and I drove to Elba, AL for a long weekend to see my Grandmother who is visiting them for about two weeks...actually, I did all of the driving while they played and slept!! Anyways, GG's (Great-Grandma) birthday is today (see next post) and we had to be there to help her celebrate but had to be back today so we got to celebrate a bit early!

Jael and Grandma Carolyn make strawberry cake cookies for the church picnic Sunday night
Grandma and J share a dum dum snack and do some coloring with markers of course! (actually they used my good highlighters, but it was for a good cause)
Grandma helped Landon feed the horse at the church picnic.
Grandma Carolyn, GG and I took J and Lando to the playground for a fun day of swings, slides and climbing!

More baking...this time it's birthday cake time!!
Naptime is the one of the two best times in a mom's day; the other is awake time
Great memories of "the one that got away"...actually caught a HUGE carp that broke BOTH lines off of BOTH of our poles; poor fish is now stuck with TWO hooks in his mouth--serves him right for thrashing around like that and scaring the tar out of my baby girl!
Driving Grandpa's truck is always fun; especially when he reeves the engine and makes that "neat" sound

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