Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's her name today?

Jael has to be one of the most imaginative and creative little four year olds I have ever known.

First name change:
The first day of preschool, she told all her classmates her name was Jael Lindsey...her little friend's name is Foster Lindsey, so since she has determined he is "the one for her" she would change her name to match his; only Lindsey is his middle name not his last. (When he gets in trouble, he is always only called Foster Lindsey so she assumed that to be his last name.) Against dad and I's wishes (and Foster's dad!), she continues to swear that when they are 14 they are going to get married and that is just that.

Second name change:
Second week of preschool, she decided that writing Jael was too difficult so she simply called herself "X" since it was easier and quicker to write.

Third name:
Once she realized that she had "left Foster out", she adapted "X" to be "X Lindsey", she just wouldn't write Lindsey on her school papers.

Fourth name:
This morning in the car ride to school, she informed us that her name is now "Radio" clue as to how this one came about, but just like the others, I sure it will change again soon.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on her latest name!


The Nassars said...

I have this student in my class that is 5. He has the maturity of about a 3 year old though, so his attention span is short and his 'ants-in-the-pants' is high...
But it's hard to discipline him. You take everything away, put him in time out, and he has a conversation going on between his 2thumbs. It's cool to see where his imagination takes him... and very hard to get mad at him!

Kbear and Jman said...

Only in the south........married at 14.... :)

Laci Strickland said...

Jael's stories always make me smile :) She's just such a sweet, silly girl! I love it!

Devin, Kelley, Austin, Connor, Emma, Molly, Zeuss said...

OK, kudos to Jael on the "X"!!! Did she forget that everyone else calls her "J" anyway?

Miss LacEY changed the spelling of her name for a similar reason - it was easier!!!

You know? You give the girl the coolest name ever and she tries to change it at age 4. Parents can never do anything right.

Laci Strickland said...

lol you should have heard me trying to get if officially changed to an "i" at the end when I got marriedand had to change everything anyways!! Looks like I would have to take it before a judge..maybe one day, but for now I'll be Laci to you and Lacey to Uncle Sam. lol

The Nassars said...

hey, drop me a line when you guys get home... hope you had fun in Orlando!!!