Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Tank Tops to Sweaters

OK; "Sunshine State" it isn't, but warm it is. We leave a two and a half day rainy but warm Orlando and come home to a dry but freezing Knoxville. There will be a fire in the fire place tonight!! We will post pictures and stories of our Florida Fall Break as time goes by. But the short story is as follows:

  • arrived at the Birds about 12:15 middle of the night Friday/Saturday
  • had lunch with my great aunt and her family on Saturday
  • went camping with the extended Brown family on Saturday night
  • went to our old church and saw some great friends on Sunday
  • visited our old neighborhood and had lunch at Mady's school on Monday
  • had an early Christmas with James' mom on Tuesday morning; left girls
  • took Nan to Lettuce Lake Park and visited with Mandee on Tuesday afternoon
  • went o Epcot and Animal Kingdom on Wednesday
  • picked up the girls and went to MGM (oops! now Hollywood Studios) on Thursday
  • walked Downtown Disney with the Birds on Friday
  • drove home Saturday
A very special thank you to the following people:
  • the Bird's for housing us
  • Aunt Anna and all for a GREAT Saturday lunch
  • Evelyn for planning a FABULOUS camping experience
  • Cindy Whitaker for a WONDERFUL luncheon
  • the Nassar's for housing us
  • Grandma Drake for taking the girls for two days
We love all our FL family--both by blood and by Christ's blood! If ANY of you find your way to TN, let us know and we will make a major try to see you or house you! Thanks for wonderful memories and for all your sacrifices and planning! Y'all hold a special place in our hearts and always will! Until next year...


Karey Erickson said...

It was really great to see you all. We certainly hope we can make it up your way, eventually! We truly miss you and James' sarcasism in our Sunday School class. But thanks to blogging, it seems like you are just around the corner (except the physically seeing part).

The Nassars said...

LOVED! seeing you! Glad you made it home safely. And don't worry about the weather... this morning is a nippy 54 and it's supposed to be as low as 40 by Wednesday, so you left just in time!!