Saturday, November 8, 2008

Official Knoxvillians

We (James, Madyson and I) went to our first UT game today. James was given four FREE admission tickets for the Homecoming game against Wyoming. Madyson brought her friend Katie and I FORGOT my camera...UGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!! We paid $20 to park in the parking garage, walked the quarter mile to the stadium, searched for gate 10, found section GG and marched ourselves up to the very last row!! I was a gorgeous, but windy, day. So we ended up purchasing Mady an orange Vol sweatshirt since she wore "Florida October" clothes and not Tennessee October attire! Playing Wyoming was supposed to be a sure win...but not today! After getting our butts beat badly the first half, we decided it wasn't worth the wind chill to stay for the second half. We did, however, stay and watch the band play the half-time show. Needless to say, we get the quarter mile walk back to the car and the cannons go off! Unfortunately for the Vols, that was the only touchdown of the game and it ended 13-7; lost to WYOMING!!!!!

It's sad when the two highlights of the (watched) game are a punt to the 1 yard line and the ref refusing to get out of the way of the Cowboy offensive line!

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