Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Queen Translator Crowned!!

Even though Laci threw out more than one response, "Yogurt" was the correct answer!!

I walked into the kitchen this morning and Landon was trying his darnedest to open the refrigerator door. He had the most determined look on his face and he was screaming "o-dut, o-dut, o-dut" at the top of his little lungs!! I had no clue, at the time, what he was saying so I opened the door. He grabbed his little Diego yogurt and started singing "o-dut, o-dut- o-dut" and waddled himself over to his high chair and said "EET! EET! EET!!" in the cutest little voice. I was so proud of my hungry man! I guess this proves that I truly am a mother, huh?


Dean and Mary said...

didn't even think of Yogurt. LOL. Good for Landen for letting you know what he wants. And what a great mom you are for recognizing the words.

Happy Thanksgiving
The LaFollettes

Laci Strickland said...

Wow! I did cheat by giving lots of answers..hee..but I also speak "toddlernese" all day long, lol!! At our house "Yogurt" is "gurtgurt" :)