Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For all you very experienced mom's, here is a baby word for you: "o-dut"; can you figured it out? The first mom (or dad if you are brave enough to particiapte) to guess it right will be crowned Queen Translator...I'll even spring for the paper crown. (Does Burger King still give those out?)

If noone's guessed it right by tonight, I'll give you a hint before I go catch my zzzz's; usually 10:30 these days.


Dean and Mary said...

My guess is doughnut? I definitely prefer the exceptionally yummy Maple Bar. : ) Yes I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I realize they don't serve them down here in Florida. WHINE!! So I'm looking for a great recipe for maple frosting for my doughnuts. : )

Laci Strickland said...

I'm probably the most inexperienced mom that reads your blog, but my guess is "Donut" or maybe "Soda" or "Yogurt" That's all I've got!!

Gentzlers said...

I have a couple guesses:


What's that????

That is my best try.

Dean and Mary said...

Could be I did it