Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

While we were away at church today, Nan decided to surprise us with lunch...and dessert!!! So, thanks to my selfishness last night, I got TWO birthday cakes this year!! Yeah me!!!

Oh yeah, I got presents, too!! This day just keeps getting better and better! Jael picked out this nice bunch of flowers, Mady got me a fresh smelling candle, "Landon" picked out the cool shelf and I already bought myself James' present...I picked me out several long sleeved tops from Kohl's about two weeks ago. I love picking out James' presents for three reasons: 1) I'm guaranteed to like them; 2) they are guaranteed to fit; 3) I love "guilt free" spending!!!
And I finally purchased my sconces for my bedroom wall that have been sitting on the Home Depot shelves for a little while...thanks mom and dad for making it possible!! I love you!!

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The Nassars said...

happy birthday!!!! hope you had a great day!!!