Friday, December 26, 2008

It runs in the family

Sarah may not appreciate this one, but I will inform you all anyway. Amy is now added to the toddlers in our family that have locked themselves in a room! Sar and Mike were loading the car up to leave for Atlanta today and Amy decided she didn't want to go so she locked herself in the bathroom! Dad tried feverously to jam the ice pick into the hole and jimmy it open but it didn't work. So Sarah walked around back to the window and Amy was HOLDING the doorknob!! After much talking and much jamming and twisting the door finally swung open. And Amy reluctantly got into her carseat for their ride home.

We miss you baby Amy and promise to send Jael to you soon and teach you how to sleep in your big girl bed and maybe even get out of those diapers!!

Of subject: I promise to post pictures of our Christmas here in Elba...just as soon as I get some from my wonderful sister. We get half way here and I decide to ask James if he grabbed his camera because I realized I forgot mine; of course the answer was a big fat NO! So we were camera-less for this Christmas. How awful is that!


Ashley Winkler said... does run in the family. Add Colin to the list!

Anonymous said...

maybe door knobs that don't lock are the ticket to solve the problem. LOL been their