Saturday, January 31, 2009

I survived

12 screaming 9ish year old girls plus Jael, Landon, Nan and James!!! The gang started showing up about 5:30 and all played downstairs and set up camp before eating a nice nutritious dinner of pizza bagel bites, french fries, chips and soda/lemonade. After a short break we progressed to the living room for presents...girl loaded up on goodies from all her little friends. Then it was back to the table for cake. After polishing off most of the mini-loaves that I lovingly made, they went back downstairs for an evening of Wii, computer, arts and crafts and who knows what else, but it's all good. Considering we had THAT many girls, we only had one minor incident and one temporary injury. About 10 the girls decided to watch Jumanji with Robin Williams. We invoked a "non technology" rule shortly after midnight when they got a little rambuncious and accidently woke up Landon. That required no Wii, no TV, no computer, no nothing except talking in an inside voice.

I ended up falling asleep about 12:30 or so and then my little rugrats were both up before dawn. I rolled out of bed, finally, about 7:15 after a restless sleep. I drank two cups of coffee and then the first of Mady's friends came up the stairs just before 8am. We had a living room full of hungry girls by 8:30 so it was off to the stove for cocoa and pancakes galore!!! I easily made 45-50 pancakes. Then the girls did a quick craft and started getting ready to leave. Once the bags were by the door the girls ended up in the backyard on the playset. The last dad left here about 11:45 this morning.

A great time was had by all and Madyson truly had a memorable 9th birthday party...and a wonderful first slumber party.


The Nassars said...

I love the Madyson letters/paints! what a cool present!!

Dean and Mary said...

It sure was great to talk to you the other night. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday and a great party. Make sure and love your mama for the wonderful time you had.
Love you always,
Mrs. Mary
PS Anna you're an amazing woman!! Way to make the first slumber party memorable.