Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Beginning of the End

James is on his way to MS for his interview with Cellular South tomorrow. They are going to grill him tomorrow for all he's worth then have him escorted around town to look at apartments he might be willing to stay at until summer. After Tuesday, we have MS vs. PA and we will have to wait and see who comes up the winner.

Keep us in your prayers especially over the next couple of days as we decide the course for our future. Once we know and they know, then y'all will know. However, if you find out before we do, please let us know!!!


Gentzlers said...

That is great news that he has choices. I didn't know about the PA job. Where is that one?

I'll be praying,

Council Family said...

Mechanicsville, near Hattiesburg, doing civilian work for the Navy.

Council Family said...

Just got here and gained an hour. I love my wife so will not call her.

The jobs are Cellular South in Ridgeland, MS and Department of the Navy in Mechanicsburg, PA (a little west of Harrisburg).

It is in God's hands but we need the prayers and you need the practice.


Jason Ebeling said...

Hmmmm, considering the last couple years and all the changes and moves and instability, if you have the choice I'd opt for the Navy. Gov't work never ends.