Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just for my friend in Kansas...

...but everyone can read it of course!

James went to Florida this past week, worked Monday to Thursday, and drove home Friday. They are letting him work from home this week and having him drive back down to FL next week. The bad thing is that next week is the kid's Spring Break; the good news is that Nan is going to go down with James and spend the week with Bill and Evelyn Brown. She is looking quite forward to the trip. I am glad, too, because I was thinking of things to do to entertain a 2 year old, a 4 year old, a 9 year old and a 17 year old...not too many things make all four happy. She will have a very relaxing time there and hopefully enjoy herself.

His new job is much more laid back than he is used to, but he thinks he can adjust! I am still not 100% sure how to explain what he does, but I will give it my best. He does pre-sells work a sells company. He will go into an environment, ask questions about what they need help with, assess the situation and then advise them on what hardware they need to buy. He will set it up and show them the perks and downsides to everything. It is called "VAR", couldn't tell you what VAR stands for, but that is the kind of work he does. He will actually be working with Tu Mclendon...did you know them when they went to Kings? (Tu was in the Air Force, Victoria sang and James taught their son Alex in Children's Church...they also had a younger daughter Ivy.)

Aside from the pre-sells side of the job, they go to conventions and conferences and set up tables and they also are asked to take lots of classes to stay up-to-date and fresh on current technology and what-not. I guess James will have to write an accurate blog to tell you all he does, but that is the jest of it.

We are planning on putting our house on the market just after Spring Break. We are praying for a quick sell so we can move to Lakeland right after school lets out in May and not have to carry two mortgages. Our house is in an ideal area, Farragut, with a great public school system, and is close to tons of shopping, lots of churches, all three interstates and lots of the major streets. Plus it is an older home in an established neighborhood so the price range will be right for a young family.

I think that is all I can relay for now. Hope you followed it and enjoyed it. More to come later.


Gentzlers said...

Thanks for the info! It sounds like a great job and you know the area! Will he work in Lakeland? I thought Tu (yes we know them) worked on MacDill? So I'm wondering if he will have to drive to MacDill?

Council Family said...

I actually already have driven there my first week. Not because Tu worked there but because we have customers on the base. Tu was in the Air Force, then General Dynamics, now CDS with me.

I can live anywhere in FL but we already wanted to live in Lakeland if we moved back for Disney. Since Tu and family live there, I did not need a bigger Neon Sign from God on that one.

Still learning on this one and will for a while, but really happy to be paired with a like minded brother who will also be guiding me.