Sunday, November 9, 2008

Landon's Top 10 Fav 2 Word Sentences

1) "up high" (referring to the monorails at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT)
2) "momma toot" (I'll let you figure that one out on your own)
3) "daddy toot" (same meaning as #3)
4) "more power" (referring to Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
5) "Elmo, Elmo" (Sesame Street)
6) "eat, eat" (sounds more like "eet, eet," but you get the picture)
7) "touchdown Tennessee" (although he didn't get to say it much this season)
8) "pop-pop" (meaning grandpa or lollipop, depends)
9) "bunny bear" (his night-night stuffed animal; a bear in bunny pj's)
10) "puppy dog" (his stuffed puppy that talks and sings to him)

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Ashley @ Belles, Bows and More said...

LOL!!! I love #s 2 & 3! We hear more of "daddy tooted" than mommy did, of course! Hope all are doing well